2015年普利兹克奖提前公布 弗雷奥托Frei Otto获奖

发布日期:2021-06-09 00:25

本文摘要:概述:德国建筑师弗雷·奥托(Frei Otto)于二零一五年3月9日在德国过世,在死前被告知喜获弗利兹克奖。他是第40名喜获弗利兹克建筑奖的建筑师和1986年戈特弗里-玻姆以后第二位获奖的德国建筑师。 使我们向这名建筑高手悼念! 弗雷·奥托(Frei Otto) 二零一五年弗利兹克奖提前公布,德国建筑师弗雷奥托(Frei Otto)获奖。


概述:德国建筑师弗雷·奥托(Frei Otto)于二零一五年3月9日在德国过世,在死前被告知喜获弗利兹克奖。他是第40名喜获弗利兹克建筑奖的建筑师和1986年戈特弗里-玻姆以后第二位获奖的德国建筑师。

使我们向这名建筑高手悼念! 弗雷·奥托(Frei Otto) 二零一五年弗利兹克奖提前公布,德国建筑师弗雷奥托(Frei Otto)获奖。因为德国著名建筑师弗雷奥托(Frei Otto)的突然与世长辞,弗利兹克奖审查联合会提前两个星期对外开放月发布弗雷奥托(Frei Otto)喜获二零一五年弗利兹克建筑奖的信息。有一点伤心的是弗雷奥托(Frei Otto)自己在死前早就被告知获奖信息,在听到信息后他讲到:“现在我开心能获得弗利兹克建筑奖,我特别感谢众议院和弗利兹克大家族。也没有确实自身所保证的事儿能斩获这一巨奖,保证建筑设计方案驱动力便是设计方案新式的建筑来帮助他人,尤其是这些遭受洪涝灾害和灾祸危害的大家…” 德国建筑师弗雷奥托(Frei Otto)以技术性转型和可持续性用以轻量、协调能力的构造,得到 了不凡的工程项目盛业,一个特别注意的案例——1974年德国慕尼黑夏季奥运会的树干。

二零零六年,他斩获了Praemium Imperiale建筑奖,并被授予皇室金质奖章。奥托二零一五年3月9日过世,促使Prizker联合会超过的信息提前预估3月23日宣布。

总冠军过世前就公布荣誉奖,它是有史以来第一次。评价语: 弗雷奥托(Frei Otto),近92年前出生于在德国,花上了他悠长的职业发展科学研究、实验和发展趋势中一个最敏感的构造,危害了全球成千上万人。




弗雷奥托(Frei Otto)他经常了解组成一个精英团队的一部分来解决困难简易的建筑和结构型挑戰。結果证实,优秀的多课程是务必精英团队的团体期待。一生,弗雷奥托(Frei Otto)造成了富有想像力的,新鮮的,史无前例的室内空间和构造。

他还创设了科技知识。在这里定居于他的深远影响:并不是方式复制,但根据的途径合上他的科学研究和寻找。他的奉献的行业系统架构不但是专业技能和才气,也很紳士、大气。脑洞,活跃性的逻辑思维,信仰自由地共享资源科技知识和发明人,他的团队协作精神和关注資源的用以,二零一五年弗利兹克建筑奖授予弗雷奥托(Frei Otto)。

弗利兹克评审组评价语 Frei Otto, born almost 90 years ago in Germany, has spent his long career researching, experimenting, and developing a most sensitive architecture that has influenced countless others throughout the world. The lessons of his pioneering work in the field of lightweight structures that are adaptable, changeable and carefully use limited resources are as relevant today as when they were first proposed over 60 years ago. He has embraced a definition of architect to include researcher, inventor, form-finder, engineer, builder, teacher, collaborator, environmentalist, humanist, and creator of memorable buildings and spaces. He first became known for his tent structures used as temporary exhibition pavilions. The constructions at the German Federal Garden exhibitions and other festivals of the 1950s were functional, beautiful, “floating” roofs that seemed to effortlessly provide shelter, and then were easily dissembled after the events. The cable net structure employed for the German Pavilion at Expo 67 in Montreal, prefabricated in Germany and assembled on site in a short period of time, was a highlight of the exhibition for its grace and originality. The impressive large-scale roofs designed for the Munich Olympics of 1972, combining lightness and strength, were a building challenge that many said could not be achieved. The architectural landscape for stadium, pool and public spaces, a result of the efforts of a large team, is still impressive today. Taking inspiration from nature and the processes found there, he sought ways to use the least amount of materials and energy to enclose spaces. He practiced and advanced ideas of sustainability, even before the word was coined. He was inspired by natural phenomena – from birds’ skulls to soap bubbles and spiders’ webs. He spoke of the need to understand the “physical, biological and technical processes which give rise to objects.” Branching concepts from the 1960s optimized structures to support large flat roofs. A grid shell, such as seen in the Mannheim Multihalle of 1974, shows how a simple structural solution, easy to assemble, can create a most striking, flexible space. The Mechtenberg footbridges, with the use of humble slender rods and connecting nodes, but with advanced knowledge, produce an attractive filigree pattern and span distances up to 30 meters. Otto’s constructions are in harmony with nature and always seek to do more with less. Virtually all the works that are associated with Frei Otto have been designed in collaboration with other professionals. He was often approached to form part of a team to tackle complex architectural and structural challenges. The inventive results attest to outstanding collective efforts of multidisciplinary teams. Throughout his life, Frei Otto has produced imaginative, fresh, unprecedented spaces and constructions. He has also created knowledge. Herein resides his deep influence: not in forms to be copied, but through the paths that have been opened by his research and discoveries. His contributions to the field of architecture are not only skilled and talented, but also generous. For his visionary ideas, inquiring mind, belief in freely sharing knowledge and inventions, his collaborative spirit and concern for the careful use of resources, the 2015 Pritzker Architecture Prize is awarded to Frei Otto.弗雷奥托(Frei Otto)著作鉴赏德国慕尼黑奥森公园主体育场馆曼海姆联邦政府园林景观动漫展奥托设计方案的智能服务厅房顶多伦多市世界博览会德国我国馆利雅得外交关系俱乐部队德国慕尼黑野生动物园鸟舍大城市在北极圈”实体模型德国汉堡包国际性园艺花卉展览服务厅斯图加特高校轻形构造研究室奥托为平克·佛洛依德英国演唱会不容易设计方案的演出舞台——伞与坂茂协作的2000年德国汉诺威展会日本国馆有关弗利兹克 弗利兹克奖是每一年一次授予建筑师本人的荣誉奖,有建筑界的诺奖之称作。1979年由弗利兹克大家族的杰 伊·弗利兹克和他的妻子辛蒂启动,凯悦慈善基金会所广告商的对于建筑设计师本人施行的荣誉奖。